Well, were new at this.  We might need to add questions as we receive them.  Thanks for your interest!

Why are you doing this project?

A few reasons, really.  First, it’s a great chance for us to spend time as a family.  Second, we really enjoy the process.  Hudson gets new toys, Susie gets to stretch her marketing chops, and Nathan gets to shoot and edit videos, which he loves.

Where do you get all of those wonderful toys?

Since we’ve been thinking about starting this project for a while now, we’ve had a number of ideas and plans from long before the beginning of the project.  We always knew that there would be toys involved.  We had a big break, the Mattel / Fisher Price outlet store in town was having a final markdown sale and we were able to get a stock load of toys at pennies on the dollar.

Our goal is to have manufacturers become interested in working with us and start sending us product for Hudson to play with as we go along.

How long will you be conducting this experiment?

Our goal is to hit 100 videos published to YouTube over 52 weeks.  What happens next will depend on two things: 1) Are we still having as much fun?  2) Does anyone care, as in, are we gaining uptake from subscribers and potential partners.  New videos are being published every Tuesday and Saturday.

Can I send you toys to be included in the project?

Yes.  Please send any packages to this address:

PO BOX 99900 JX 764 038