Our Plan

We spend a couple of hours per week making YouTube videos on our channel.  We are only a few weeks in and we have a lot to learn.  Follow up if you are interested in seeing our progress and learning as we go along.

Our Story

Hudson came to his parents in early 2017 and said: “Mom, Dad.  I’ve decided that I want to be on YouTube kids”.  We asked: “What would you be doing on your videos”?  and he came up with a plan right there on the spot.  He wanted to open toys, tell kids about the toys, and play with toys.

Meet the Team

The star of our show, of course, is Hudson.  He is 6 years old, loves learning, playing, and travelling:

Hudson Greene – Chief Toy Officer

Aside from being Mom to Hudson, Susie is a 15-year marketing professional having worked with PR Agencies, Advertisers, Ad Agencies, and tech companies.  She is an unending source of inspiration and bringer of snacks to aid the creative process.

Susie Adelson – Marketing and PR

Nathan is both Hudson’s Dad and Chief Videographer, Editor, and Producer for this project.  He works in Digital Media, but his real passion is spending time with his family and turning as much of that time as possible into something memorable.

Nathan Greene – Production

Check out the playlist of our complete published Hudsons Haul video project here

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